Friday, 3 January 2014

Blogging Trends for 2014

The start of a new year is the perfect time to look back on the engaging content that was available on the web and to predict what blogging trends might spark off during this upcoming year. Predicting a trend is a subjective opinion which might be based on what worked and what didn’t and what will continue to work this year. While this is a subjective opinion, here is what we think will be the major trends in blogging this upcoming year: –

Micro-Blogging will continue to grow
The popularity of Twitter’s Vine service which allows users to make 6-second video clips serves as a good pointer to the fact that users are open to micro-blogging. Tumblr is another such example.

It is said that “Less is more.” and that definitely holds weight in case of micro-blogging whose popularity is likely to soar in 2014.

Blogs will be optimized for Hand-held Devices

The sales of Smartphones and Tablets usurped that of desktop computers in 2013. This is just an indication of the inevitable ubiquity of hand-held devices in the coming years. It is for that very reason that bloggers should ensure that their blogs are well-optimized for popular mobile operating systems like Android, Windows and iOS so that both existing readers are retained and there is also a wider avenue to draw more readership through mobile users.

Quality of Guest Blogging will improve

There are two ways in which guest blogs work. One, when people contribute guest posts for your blog and two, when you follow up with guest bloggers to contribute to your blog.
The latter way which can be termed as reverse guest blogging can be pretty beneficial for a blog as good bloggers have a high number of fans and followers which results in increased traffic on your blog through social sharing and back-links.

But in contributed posts, the problem that a blogger faces is to segregate good content from the average but that is something more and more will start doing to retain the content quality of their blogs. 

Content will continue to be King

Ah the obvious. But it is important to understand that it is unique content that is going to drive the readership and not the quantity of content that you put up on your blog. From a business perspective, the importance of blogs cannot be undermined as they play a significant role in attracting business for a company by acting as a source of clarity and transparency about the company’s product and services.   
Search engines are using more and more intricate algorithms to funnel out spamming or keyword stuffing to make sure that the best content is available for users. This is something SEO experts very well understand and so should the bloggers. “Excess of everything is bad” is pertinent here.

Content Management Systems will grow further

Platforms like Blogger and WordPress are already popular thanks to the amount of themes, widgets, customization and plugins available and will continue to grow. The fact is, getting everything under one roof makes it easy for bloggers to lend a unique and distinct feel to their blogs. Add to that, there is a whole host of paid services which allows businesses to tap the right audience.

Now these are blogging trends that we believe will be in vogue this year. What blogging trends would be in force according to you? 

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