Friday, 25 October 2013

A point everyone missed: Mr. Sundar Raj Urs

The recently concluded 5th Global Sports Summit is another achievement FICCI can proudly showcase. The summit tagged as TURF 2013, ran high on success with the corporate majors interacting with the athletes and sports representatives to pen down measures required to develop the sports sector here in India and to see the nation placed amongst the top 3 sporting countries.
Sessions were organized to discuss upon various interesting topics which needed immediate attention, if we are to see the dream come true. TURF 2013, an initiative by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s (FICCI) sports and youth affairs wing, is into its fifth year and has been actively working towards the main agenda, developing sports and sports infrastructure in India.
The summit presented a platform for the athletes to come up and discuss their views with the eminent panelists. While the panelists were discussing upon improving the sports scenario and the ways to attract investments to fund the sports development plans, there was this gentleman who pointed out a question which everyone else in the house missed.

Mr. Sundar Raj Urs (Director of Physical Education, Bangalore University) was the one to highlight the issue that only the prominent sports personalities got the attention and the support to improve their game. Mr. Sundar Raj questioned,” Why do we see only Sachin and Virat endorsing products and not some upcoming athlete of a lesser known background?” He pointed out that the lesser known or upcoming players from a meager background do not see the limelight. Being the Director of Physical Education with the Bangalore University, he shared his views with the house, prompting the house and the panelists to think about the matter.
He highlighted the fact that only the prominent faces of the sporting world got to see the limelight and the benefits of developmental investments, which is much evident! But he was countered by Mr.V.K Mahendru (DM, ONGC) who stated with respect to the support provided to upcoming and approaching athletes by ONGC and its sports developmental programs. The panelists assured about the efforts made to develop sports within the country but also admitted that the system lacked some key factors. The panelists mentioned that the main agenda was to strengthen the already prominent sport and to slowly but steadily improve and introduce various other games as well.
FICCI’s initiative was well praised as well as many corporate house vouched to make amendments to their company policies favoring sports development and fund generation for the same. TURF 2013 became a stand tall event which enabled the sporting world to connect with the corporate world to work towards a unified cause.

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