Thursday, 24 October 2013

Skills Development and the impact of Sector Skills Councils (UK Perspective)

Day 2: TURF 2013
5th Global Sports Summit
India's Largest International Convention on Business of Sports
23-24 October, 2013, New Delhi

Mr. David Henwood, Director - Operations, Skills Active
Mr. Ben Gittus, European Observatory for Sports and Employment.

The sports industry in the UK has a workforce of 371,800 people working in 176,000 business and organisations.

"SkillsActive’s work in sport covers a variety of training and funding, from helping people find the right training to get jobs in sports to providing help and advice for people looking to find funding for sports clubs and we deal with all levels of sport, from grass-roots up to high-performance." - David Henwood.

To help people find training and jobs in sports, they work closely with recognised training providers to ensure the sports sector has suitably qualified employees and volunteers. They also provide help with finding sources of sports funding to help with staff development and training all of which supports the delivery of sports activities to make the country become a fitter, healthier nation.

SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council for Active Leisure and Learning. It has been established by Employers in Sport and Recreation, Health and Fitness, Playwork, the Outdoors and Caravan industries.

As India seeks to replicate the model of Sector Skills Councils as facilitated by FICCI, the areas in which Skills Active could throw some light on were how to:
• Influence Government and decision makers 
• Promote the image of the sector to the public 
• Ensure the quality of training and qualifications 
• Help people find the jobs and training they 
• Help the industry attract and retain the right 
• Attract funding to meet employers training 

The panelists shared how Skills Active recently provided senior level advice and support for the development of a new training system for the European Health and Fitness industry and also shared experiences from the London when it hosted the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games. They presented how Skills Active ensured that London had the best people, with the right skills and qualifications, working at the world-class event. Their role was to research skills gaps, set standards, develop accredited qualifications and offer quality assured training across the sector. They also shared how this can be replicated in a set up like India.

SkillsActive has worked together with Partner Organisations to develop National Occupational Standards and Apprenticeships across the Active Leisure and Learning Sector. They offer programs like Young Apprenticeships in sports management, leadership and coaching.

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