Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sector Skills Council (SSC) in Sports: From Concept to Creation

Moderator - Mr Sumit Agarwal, Senior Associate, Tanjun Associates

Day 2 of TURF 2013: The final session of the two day Global Sports Summit concluded with a final post lunch session starting 1500 hours at the FICCI Confederation House, New Delhi.
The session on SSC in Sports from Concept to Creation followed a 45 minute session by SSC from UK perspective by a panel of experts from the UK sharing their experiences at the London 2012 Olympics.

The distinguished panel.
The elite panel:
Dr Sandeep Tiwari, General Secretary, AIIC of Physical Education
Mr Dilip Chenoy, CEO,MD,NSDC
Mr Rajpal Singh, Director and Head, Sports and Youth Affairs, FICCI
Mr Hakim S Habibulla, Olympian and co-founder of Winning Matters
Moderator - Mr Sumit Agarwal, Senior Associate, Tanjun Associates

After an informative session by Mr Henwood and Mr Gittus on what Sector Skill Council has been able to achieve in UK and other associated countries, it came down to this panel to debate this further in terms of the Indian scenery.
Mr Chenoy addressed the audience about what the National Skills Development Council is trying to achieve at the moment. And just to emphasize the necessity of establishment of Sector Skills Council, he quoted his own life experience about how he quit playing football because the work positions available for him were well below his calibre. A sector Skill Council will help ensuring work opportunities that are apt to a sportsperson's qualification and skill sets.   

Mr Dilip Chenoy, CEO& MD, NSDC
After that, Mr. Rajpal Singh added some critical points of how FICCI intends to address the skill gap, infrastructural woes and lack of the right personnel. At this juncture, there were some insightful thoughts coming from both the audience and panel and with the discussion heating up, Mr. Agarwal commended how the conversation has a connect with everyone within the room and validating the purpose of a Global summit of this stature.

The concluding part of the session saw a book launch and a mass agreement on the consensus that the setup of Sector Skills Council is indeed there to bridge the gap between education and work within the sports sector so that relevant opportunities are always sustainable, and also to have a better structure in place to nurture athletes and support personnel alike.

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