Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sachin is Forever : In conversation with Adidas' Mr. Shende

Mr. Hrishikesh Shende, Marketing Director, Adidas India sees Adidas as a facilitator of Sports in India in terms of promoting sports as well as making players more visible.

Mr. Hrishikesh Shende

On Sachin's status of Brand Ambassador:
"Our long association with Sports Icons like Sachin Tendulkar is a continuing relationship. He is a timeless Icon and his magic touch will be relevant for a long time to come. In India and elsewhere, Adidas has always been associated with sports. We want to add value to the life of a sports person and our customers in delivering a product which keeps its promise by providing them quality and reliability."

On why it is only Cricket that garners the big sponsors:
"It is unfortunate that we as a company have to filter out and concentrate only certain sports. In as much as it is not a deliberate attempt to focus on only some fields of sports, but our actions are dictated in a lot of ways by the more popular sports. If we had more funds to allocate to other sports and their development, we could look at many more sports. We are currently focusing on Cricket, which definitely has mass appeal in India and we have extended our attention to Football, supporting Pune FC and Shillong Lajong FC."

"Northeast India and West Bengal are pockets we are already looking to work closely with and get more involved. Football is another focus."

On Sachin's Retirement from Cricket:
From the perspective of Adidas, the brand association with Sachin will not be affected by his retirement. We look forward to continuing a long relationship with the Cricket Icon and India's greatest sportsperson.

From a personal perspective, I feel sad that we won't see Sachin playing the game anymore, but I am definitely happy and lucky that I grew up watching the best of Sachin's sportmanship and even met him in his prime and played a game with him.

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