Thursday, 24 October 2013

Making the CSR Spend Count: The magic of 2%

Day 2 of TURF 2013
5th Global Sports Summit
24th October, FICCI, New Delhi

Priti Srivastav of IMG-Reliance and Moderator, Hemangshu Chaturvedi, HTC Sports
TURF 2013 became the official turf where sports persons, sports representatives, infrastructure developers, sports researchers, investors, corporate conglomerates and media representatives could interact together to sketch various plans to improve and develop the sports sector in India.

Day 2 saw the house and the panel debating on ‘Making the CSR spend count’. The session was moderated by Mr. Hemanshu Chaturvedi (CMD, HTC Sports) who kept the session running without a lag. 

The panel included Mr. Sunil Bhaskaran (Deputy-VP, Corporate Services, Tata Steel), Ms. Muna Ali (CSR Head, Peps), Mr. Moraad Ali Khan (Former shooter), Ms. Priti Srivastav (VP, Corporate Affairs, IMG-Reliance) and Mr. V.K Mahendru (DM, ONGC).
Muna Ali of Pepsico and VK Mahendru of ONGC during the session.
Hemanshu kicked off the session speaking about a recent amendment made in the Companies Law 2013, which instructs every organization with calculated turnover of more than 500 crores to spend a minimum of 2% from its profits towards CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility.

The house gathered exploring options of incorporating a part of the CSR spending towards sports and its development. Hemanshu terming this as Corporate Social and Sports Responsibility hinted at how organizations can help India in developing the instruments and infrastructure required for it to become one of the top sporting nations in the world. The panelists highlighted the efforts taken up by their respective organizations in promoting sports and working towards sports development and awareness.

Priti emphasized on the need to setup models and examples for other organizations to deploy. She ran the house through the IMG-Reliance backed sports development programs. Pepsico’s brilliant initiative to promote football was appreciated. Muna Ali was also quick to point out that Pepsico has had a long run as a sports promoter in India and worldwide and mentioned Pepsico's sports specific products like Gatorade and nutritional snacks bar and supplements. Whereas ONGC, a PSU organization which has been actively involved with sports development and funding was approached for more of such goodwill gestures.
The panel.

The house and the panelists together as one voice demanded for a need to initiate at least 2% of an organization’s CSR funds towards social/ sports development, to be able to provide state of art infrastructure at the grass root levels mainly targeting schools and colleges. Moraad Ali addressed the session by commenting, “CSR should not be just seen as a sports development activity but as a nation building activity”.

The discussion came as an opportunity for talented athletes present at the summit to get in touch with top corporate brands, seeking investment, promotion and funding to achieve their games.
Former shooter and shooting Coach Mr. Moraad Ali, showcased an exclusive preview of his upcoming film ‘KHWAABB’,  a love story that explores the plight of sportspersons.

“A movie on sports, what a brilliant way for a sportsperson to give something back to sports!” commented Hemanshu about Moraad’s efforts. Though he tried to get Moraad to promise 20% of the earnings from the film towards sports, Moraad had something else in mind. He promised to spend 50% of the movie's earnings to go into Sports funding.

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