Wednesday, 23 October 2013

A word on Golf with Rishi Narain.

The ongoing 5th Global Sports Summit, organized by FICCI witnessed the presence of Mr. Rishi Narain, a well known figure with respect to the game of golf in India. Having played and won several golf tournaments including the Asian Games Gold Medal in golf, the National Men’s Championship as well as the Dunhill Cup and other competitive professional golf tours in USA and around Asia in the early 90’s, he has also served as the National Coach and has been a Member of the Board of Management of Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) of India for the 10 years and is one of India’s best known golf instruction experts.

Mr. Rishi Narain (R) speaking to blogmint
Rishi has been vividly involved in his capacity to promote golf and golf tourism in India and around the world. When asked about the golfing opportunities here in India as compared to what it is like in the United States or the other golf playing countries, Rishi was quick to praise the excelling Indian golfers in the professional circuit, also mentioning about the enormous talent our country holds. He emphasized on the need to promote golfing on a wider scale so as to engage a country obsessed with cricket, towards golf. He pointed out that better knowledge about the game is the key to get the audience involved in golf.

“The first thing to be done to promote golf is to introduce the game to the audience and to make one understand, what it is!” were his words when asked about the ideas to promote golfing in India at a time when cricket and other sports dominate the scene.

Introduction to the game, explaining what golf is and understanding the format of the game is required to involve viewers and to establish golfing in India according to Rishi Narain who is avidly engaged in promoting golf and golf tourism in India. Rishi also talked about the lack of infrastructure required for the game. Golf requires a golf course which calls for large land holdings and dedicated club houses to promote the game among the public.

When asked about the golfing equipments, which costs a fortune, Rishi informed about the basic golfing equipments which are available within a price range of Rs. 20000-30000 which still is on the expensive side for those with limited resources. But he did mention that even a very basic golf kit will last longer for more than 7-8 years.

See you soon golfers!

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