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"A hundred and fifty million skilled individuals by 2022": Dilip Chenoy, NSDC

Dilip Chenoy: FICCI TURF 2013

Dilip Chenoy, CEO and Managing Director of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) is positive about joining hands with FICCI and to take a step closer to the ten year SSC vision.

While he lamented that the gap between sports and employment has not narrowed, he is confident about bridging the skill gap in the next 10 years. “Our structural setup and employment system is not yet in place and what exists now has not been reformed over years. There is a need for Private sector and public sector to come together with professionals to tackle our woes by bringing systemic reforms along with a change in mindset,” he prescribed.

Talking about the poor infrastructural facilities, Chenoy stressed, “There is deficiency in physical infrastructure. Further, there is a shortage of trained human power to train and mould new talent in the sports sector. Moreover, the quality of education, health, physical fitness and sports training in the country is poor with very less scope for absorption into the world of sports. We are working at changing this state of affairs.”

Chenoy added "NSDC is a public private partnership mandated to skill 150 million people by 2022. So far we have 28 proposals approved; 25 training organisations and three sector skills council. They will, over a 10 year period, train about 45 million people and the total financial commitment is 668 crores. This year our target is to look at 32 more proposals which will train between 15-20 million people over 10 years. We also propose to set up more sector skill councils."

What is the NSDC's role in facilitating SSC?
The government has set up the National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) in collaboration with the private sector to train 150 million of the 500 million target set by the Government, by 2022. The NSDC intends to achieve its goal by encouraging both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to embark on skilling measures by providing them with funds for this purpose. The existing Government schemes are expected to create the balance 350 million employable youth by 2022.

NSDC has three roles, the first to create large-scale sustainable training organizations. These would be organizations that could train upwards of one million people in 10 years. The second is to fund organizations to set up or expand training initiatives either in a sector or across sectors. The third is to set up an eco-system that leads to skills development becoming a sustainable venture as well as a program that meets industry needs.

The enormity of the challenge being faced by the country in the skills development arena can only be overcome if both the government and private sector work hand-in-hand. Government alone cannot address the needs of the large number of people that need to be skilled. Industry has to provide leadership in setting up skills development centers, putting together world-class standards and curriculum and ensuring that global best practices are brought to this sector.

Each one of our proposal comes with a business plan and when we fund them it is based on a milestone that they are supposed to achieve every year. Based on that we release next tranche of funding.
We have funding in place for sports and we are focused at the grassroot levels. It operates at three levels of support and funding for achievers, innovators and initiative. We are ready to help fund 75% of the project if you can bring in the rest. We have a streamlined system of assessing progress.

We have a monitoring exercise where we conduct a monthly conference call. We have an auditor who visits the players every quarter to audit both technical and financial details and see if the players are with in the parameters laid down in the project report. We also conduct half-yearly partners meeting where all partners meet and exchange best practices, identify areas that need to be worked on etc.

On Sachin's retirement from the Game?
There is a mixed feeling of sadness and yet happiness that he has done so well for the game and for the face of India in the world of sports and now he deserves his rest. There is hope to continue to see him on the ground though as his son is entering the game and we hope to see him in a different role but continuing to promote sports in India.
The greats never die and here's looking to India producing another Icon of his stature in the near future.

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